How To Make A Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture – Using 45 Wooden Pallets

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Clean and sand all the wooden pallets.

Person working on a wooden pallet

This task is much easier if you have a sanding machine, but if not, you can sand it manually. More so, it’s quite tedious but the end result should be worth the sweat and tears.

After that, paint all pallets with your choice of color.

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person painting wooden pallets

An automatic paint sprayer makes this task a lot faster. However, I’ll suggest you rent one because the time it takes to create 45 wooden pallets with a paintbrush isn’t really exciting.

After you have painted your pallets, leave to dry for 24 hours.

Now, it’s time to nail your pallets together.

It helps to have a laid-down map of your desired garden design. This should give you an idea of how many pallets you need and where and how to arrange them.

wooden pallet garden in progress

After you are done placing them where needed with nails and wood glue, the final step is decoration.

You can decorate your wooden terrace with colorful cushions, pillows, and other decorative elements to achieve the warm and cozy garden you’ve always wanted.

A wooden pallet garden with throw pillows

Who wouldn’t love to relax on a wooden terrace on a cool evening in the summer? I sure would love to.

Yes! Now you know that you can make something creative and beautiful with wooden pallets without spending a lot of money.

In this DIY age, it helps to discover creative things you can make with the little things around you.

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