Travel to These Landmarks That Are Bigger Than You Thought

It’s quite common that the size of certain landmarks and tourist attractions can be underwhelming. The Mona Lisa and the Great Sphinx of Giza are great examples of this, however there are some world-famous places and landmarks that are much bigger than you thought possible.

Here is a list of landmarks that are bigger than you think, so that when you go there you’re not overwhelmed by the sheer size of them!

1. Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Angkor Wat in Cambodia

When people think of Angkor Wat they often think of the sun rising over a huge temple. What people don’t realise though, is that Angkor Wat is a temple complex that covers roughly 200 hectares.

People generally allow themselves a day to see the main temple, which is not enough, not giving themselves a chance to see the rest of the incredible temple complex.