Obsessed With Traveling? These Awesome Travel Tattoo Ideas Will Steal Your Heart

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For those who can never stay at a place for long, we’ve got more fuel for your travel obsession. So while you collect coins, photos or fridge magnets as memoirs, get some tattoos while you’re at it. As soon as you see some of these ideas, you wouldn’t resist. We’ve compiled so many travel tattoo choices you can sample in this list – from maps, land, sea, specific places to exotic statues and landmarks. And perhaps, if you have never been, you’ll want to visit some of these places.

1/20. Airplane

airplane tattoo on a person\'s hand

Let’s start with the subject-matter – traveling. Nothing makes a bold “I love traveling” statement than a travel tattoo of an airplane which mirrors how you love to discover the world and all the beautiful places in it.

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