How To Make A Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture – Using 45 Wooden Pallets

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Yes, that’s the word.

When you search the web or look around, you’ll find lots of beautiful things you can create with the things around you without necessarily spending a lot of money.

One of the things you can get creative with are wooden pallets.

I know what you’re thinking, but yes! Beyond keeping you warm on cozy night campfires, wooden pallets can perform more useful tasks.

One creative way you can use a wooden pallet and be grateful you did is in renovating your garden.

A beautiful wooden pallet garden

For such a project, you’ll be needing about 45 wooden pallets and…

  • A small roller and tray
  • A paintbrush or sprayer (preferably)
  • Garden furniture chalk paint
  • Electric Drill with screws
  • Cushions

Then, you can transform your garden in just a few hours.

Go on to the next page to see how you do it.

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