Best Hack For Growing Lovely And Healthy Flowers

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The sweet scent of fresh roses after the morning dew. We all love that!

Flowers are beautiful and growing your favorite flowers is fulfilling. Sadly, we get to watch our beloved flower wither and die as they grow. This is often as a result of the presence of insects and harmful microorganisms in the flower pot.

Some factors that cause the presence of these insects in our flowerpots include;

  • Poor soil quality
  • Excessive water
  • Excessive or wrong fertilization method

What\’s the trick to solving the problem?

A match stick!

person holding a match stick over a flower pot

Match sticks are made of sulphur, potassium chlorate, ferric oxide, magnesium and phosphorus sesquisulfide. These components help in growing and keeping plants and flowers healthy.

The task is pretty simple…

All you need to do is take a few match sticks, insert them into the flower vase with the match heads in the soil and water the flower as usual.

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flowerpot with matchsticks

The matchstick must remain heads down in the ground until the sulphur has melted. This procedure usually takes up to 7 days. Continue the process until all insects and harmful micro organism are totally gone.

Match stick! Heads down in the ground! leave for seven days! Simple!

And then, you can enjoy your healthy sweet scented flowers.

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