The Best Places to Stay That Aren’t Hotels

Sometimes accommodation can feel restricting when you’re travelling. If you’re in an unfamiliar country it might be tempting just to go and stay in a hotel, simply because you can rely on being provided with a bed, bathroom, cleaning services and local knowledge.

It doesn’t hurt to step out of your comfort zone from time to time though, and there are plenty of accommodation options that aren’t hotels that are easily accessible and not too hard on the wallet.

Here are some places that aren’t hotels that you can stay on your travels.

1. Treehouse

A treehouse in the woods

Quirky accommodation is becoming more and more popular around the world, and treehouses have benefitted from this.

With many able to provide the comforts and amenities and that a normal apartment or house could provide along with a magnificent aerial view of wherever you’re based, it’s a win-win situation.

2. Houseboat

Man riding on a Houseboat

The perfect option for those who love the water, houseboats come in all levels of luxury, so you should be able to find one that suits your budget.

It could be tough to get the hang of steering your home if you’re unfamiliar with boats, but it’s a skill that you should pick up relatively quickly!

3. Overwater Bungalow

Overwater bunglow in Maldives

A more expensive option, overwater bungalows offer incredible panoramic views of the beach and ocean all from absolute comfort.

Direct access to the beautiful water is a great feature as well, because who would put an overwater bungalow anywhere that isn’t beautiful?

4. Yurt

Yurt camping under the sky

A glorified, glamourised tent, yurts are becoming more and more popular with campers.

With a range of yurts available across the world, they are a bona fide option for those wanting to be outdoors but aren’t quite brave enough to opt for a tent!

5. Airbnb

A room of an AIRBNB Hotel

The most obvious answer, booking an Airbnb is a great way to truly experience life in whichever part of the world that you’re in.

Ranging from a single bedroom to an entire house, Airbnb offers freedom to travelers that not many other places can give.

6. Van

A room in the caravan

Now I don’t mean the backseat of a Kombi van, I’m talking about a van that’s been converted to house a proper bed and great storage space.

A cheaper option than the traditional RV, converted vans are great for those who don’t want to have a “home base” so to speak, and you’ll always have all of your belongings on you, minimizing the risk of forgetting anything!

7. Tiny House

A tiny house

Available to rent or buy, a tiny house lives up to its name as they are generally smaller than 400 square feet.

Some tiny houses have all the amenities that a normal house would, and some can be packed up into a trailer and taken to the next destination. There are options regardless of what your plans are!

8. Academic Housing

Academic Housing Building

A more viable option in the university summer break, if you’re visiting a town or city that has university residence it’s worth checking their website to see if they rent unoccupied rooms to travelers.

Because of the heavy student lives that are lived there it will probably be basic, but it will also probably be cheap.

9. Hostel

A hostel room with students

Hostels have a reputation for not being safe and only being for young travelers who love a party.

This isn’t the case though, hostels are an affordable option that allow you to meet and interact with other travelers from all over the world, allowing you to trade experiences and advice on past, present and future holiday destinations!

Like everything though, there are some great hostels and some less than impressive hostels, just do your research!

10. Camp out under the stars

A person camping under an open sky

Obviously not an option if you’re staying in the middle of a busy city but put your home on your back and sleep where you find room in nature.

It’s probably best to be part of a tour if you choose this option, but it’s immensely rewarding and allows you to truly experience the great outdoors.

11. Igloo

Igloo hotel

Obviously not an option in anywhere warm, staying in an igloo for a night is actually a lot warmer than you think!

Don’t worry about having to build your own, there are plenty of ice hotels around the world that can provide services as varied as ice bars and hot tubs, so you can survive this odd experience in comfort and without freezing!

12. Home Exchange

Home exchanging

There is a way to stay in a beautiful home for a minimal cost. The catch? A stranger is also staying in your home.

Home swaps are increasing in popularity and there are sites dedicated to giving you peace of mind so that you can enjoy your holiday in the comfort that your home isn’t being trashed.

13. Mushroom Dome Cabin

A mushroom dome cabin in the woods

One of the most popular rentals on Airbnb, a mushroom dome cabin is perfect for people who want to experience the outdoors while enjoying the creature comforts of home.

Due to the popularity of these rentals you have to plan your trip months in advance, especially during the summer months!

14. Cottage

A holiday cottage

A great way to provide freedom and a “home away from home” feeling is to rent a cottage on your next holiday.

A great way to properly experience wherever you’re staying, a cottage can give and authentic, homey feel to a foreign country.

Most can comfortably fit a family and give children plenty of space to play, so a cottage is a great option for the next family holiday.

15. Motorhome

These beasts have become synonymous with travelling around rural America.

A car and home rolled into one, these massive vehicles can be tough to get the hang of driving but offer freedom as to where you want to stay, as well as some basic comforts and amenities.

You’ll have to stay in caravan parks sometimes in order to keep yourself running in tip top condition, but those are scattered around most countries pretty conveniently.



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Man Hears Strange Noises In His House, You Can’t Believe What He Found

Having your own home is often a dream come true but the hard truth is that it is often more expensive. Any repairs or fixtures have to be done by you, either you pay to get it done or you do it yourself. However, what do you do when a simple problem becomes an inconvenience? This is the case of the man, in this article, who recently moved into his new home with his family in Tennessee during the summer, and strange noises coming from the walls became the order of the day.
man uses a glass cup to listen in on a wall
Creepy animals like squirrels and rodents love warm and cozy walls during the winter. After all, they must hibernate. However, it was summer and therefore, too early to begin housing these visitors. The family had hoped that the hot weather would have made these creepies uncomfortable, and they’ll choose to leave on their own but they didn\'t. They weren’t going away. Instead, the noise grew louder. What if these were cockroaches? They thought. They made efforts to solve the problem, but was it working? Not even the use of insecticides could stop the ungodly noises. At this point, they made up their minds to engage the services of a trained professional to rid these noises. Pest controller David Glover came to the rescue.
professional exterminator
Dressed in his official attire, ready for the insect war, they could already tell he was the man needed for the job. With every insect demolishing tools and pesticides he could lay his hands on, Glover was set to work. Glover was a highly experienced and recommended fumigator who had fought several insect wars and came out victorious. He knew his job and he did it well. But this time around, something was not right. Go to the next page to find out what it was.
Glover had never witnessed such a thing. He took his time and checked every corner of the house. The Kitchen! Yes, the kitchen. Something was not right in the kitchen. One step at a time, Glover looked over every nook and cranny of the kitchen. The walls were made of bricks and as solid as it can get. But, Glover stood by his gut! He knew that something was amiss. "There must be insects breeding in this house, right inside this kitchen," said Glover. Using an infrared camera, Glover was able to find out what was inside the wall and it was huge.
infrared view of the brick wall
After seeing such a large area detected by the infrared scanner, Glover decided to remove the bricks from the wall. He needed to see what was behind those walls.
wall with strange noises
When one brick came out, you wouldn’t believe what Glover found. Bees! It was a whole hive. The noise from the walls had been bees all the while, a lot of it. What was Glover\'s advice? Only one thing was left to be done. The wall had to be removed. Go on to see how they got rid of these bees.
With attention to every single detail, Glover got rid of the walls near the area detected by the infrared camera. He was amazed!
wall with bees
The beehive was much bigger than he thought, the largest beehive he had ever seen. Bees were going into extinction, and if they did, that means less honey available for us honey lovers. It’s quite yummy, you know? Thus, destroying these bees wasn\'t an option, but getting them a new home was. Glover was able to find local honey bees breeders and handed over the bees to them. How excited they were. The bees now had a new home and the family was able to enjoy their summer in peace.

Man solves his backyard Mystery – Guess what he discovered

Whether it's your first time or not, purchasing a new home is always worth every dime. It’s an exciting journey.
new home for sale sign
There isn’t really much to expect when you buy a house in the small town of Tucson, Arizona. But John Sims had just moved into his new home and the surprise of his life awaits him. This was going to be one exciting experience for Johnny. Go on to the next page to find out what it was.
Rumor had been going around for years concerning his newly acquired home and Johnny was getting ready for the thrill of his life.
John standing in his backyard
The rumor Johnny made him even more curious. "I must find out the mystery behind my new home" he said. So, with a shovel in hand, John began digging. But was a shovel good enough to reveal this mystery? Find out in the next page
John didn’t think a shovel would do. He may not have known what he was going to find while digging but he knew he needed more than just a shovel, so he went and got more tools to aid his discovery.
A shovel ready for digging
Without a map and an idea of what he was looking for, Johnny dug for a long time and found nothing. Will he continue digging and messing up his garden? Read on to find out what he did.
At the verge of being discouraged, he decided to try other measures to find the hidden treasure. He needed a new plan. And he came up with one.
A man standing in his backyard
The municipality! They should know something about his house that can be helpful! What did the municipality tell Johnny? Find out on the next page.
He immediately went to the municipality to seek for more information on his house and he left their office with a smile on his face. He had gotten the information he so desperately wanted.
Architectural property drawing.
Johnny discovered that a sports company wanted to build a swimming pool in his house. Although Johnny’s house didn\'t have a swimming pool, he knew that if he continued his search, he could find something interesting and indeed, he couldn\'t wait. Check it out on the next page.
To appease the upheaval of curiosity fueled by the new information he discovered at the municipality, Johnny paid for the services of a team of experts.
Men working with metal detectors
They arrived at Johnny’s home with metal detectors and all the tools and equipment they would need for the task ahead. Ping! Ping! Sounded the metal detectors as they began detecting metals here and there in John’s backyard. But, did they make any progress? See what John did next on the following page.
After carefully marking two locations in John\'s backyard, the job of the experts was complete. Holla! Johnny’s excited, who wouldn’t be? He had gotten an idea of where to start digging. Now, John could be at peace and plan how to uncover the mystery.
But, what did he really find? Find out on the next page. What a shock!
With his shovel, he began digging again but this time, in the right places - where the metal detectors had beeped.
man discovers metal in his house
Clang! What’s that? That was the sound of Johnny’s shovel hitting against metal. Guess what he found! The next page will surprise you.
An entrance! But, to where?
man digs up a metal cover
Obviously, it wasn\'t a well, a hole, nor a sewer pipe. But, the more he discovers, he more he has to discover. What was it and where did it lead? Find out on the next page.
With the excitement that he was getting closer, John did not lose any enthusiasm.
A backyard mystery hole
However, once again, this was not a task to be completed by himself alone. John wasn\'t sure what he might discover or whether or not it was safe to go down there - just in case the structure suddenly collapsed. Thus, he had to engage several people who had expertise in this area. Having found help, John was bold enough to go in and it was amazing where it leads. Find out John\'s discovery on the next page.
John decided to go into the hatch. It was time to appease his curiosity. Here comes the moment of truth.
top view of the mystery entrance
But what was it really? And, was he ready for it? Find out on the next page.
Even though John was surprised when he first looked down, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw after he adjusted his sight for a closer look. Come to find out, those metal sheets were, in fact, parts of an old spiral staircase.
mystery spiral staircase
So, there\'s a staircase. But, is it safe to walk down? That\'s a big gamble and a big risk, especially since the structure wasn\'t stable. Having stood for over 50 years, there was no clear way of telling how stable it was. John then decided to gather together some friends to aid him in making sure entering the structure was safe enough. So, what did they do? Find out on the next page.
John was obviously going to play it safe. His curiosity and the excitement surrounding his discovery couldn\'t beat the need for safety. Thus, John and friends devised an entrance strategy to the underground space that was safe and secure enough.
construction work on the entrance
They took to reconstructing the entrance by expanding and strengthening the access road around the stairs with concrete and new steel. But, was that really necessary? Of course! There was a high risk of structural collapse and that price was way too high. They needed to guarantee safety in order to go down. Find out if all the sweat was worth it on the next page.
While doing this minor remodeling, they had to get rid of the spiral staircase and used a ladder instead, for safety.
an entryway into the mystery hole
John finally went down into the hole to see where it lead. "Will all my hard work be rewarded by what I find?" He thought. But, what he finally discovered was way beyond hiss imagination. Check it out on the next page.
Upon entrance, John was perplexed. He had discovered an amazing large room built deep beneath his backyard. What\'s more astonishing is that the floor was solid and the entire structure was in great shape.
an underground bomb shelter
But there was more! Would you believe that, along with this tunnel, there was a complete tunnel complex? With this discovery, John had questions and soon he found answers. It turns out that the underground room was built in the \'50s during the Cold War as a nuclear reception center for radioactive precipitation (aka bomb shelter). Because of the terror and paranoia caused by the Cold World War period between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, many people had similar bunkers built in their back yard. However, the reason why a swimming pool company would do this was still unclear. John looked for the answer and soon discovered it. See what he discovered on the next page.
Whitaker Pools, the swimming pool company had this shelter built this during the Cold War, in response to the demands of customers to add it as part of their services - just in case something were to happen while good people were having a good swim.
Whitaker Pools in the 50s.
It wasn\'t rocket science anyway, as they knew quite well that it\'s the same logic as digging the ground for swimming pools. Now that it\'s all discovered? What do you think John did with his newly discovered bunker? Find out on the next page.
The next thing John did was to renovate the bunker and restore it back to shape. But, to accomplish this, he needed money - around $2,000. So, he went ahead to set up a GoFundMe page. On his GoFundMe page, he wrote thus: “Hello, I am John and I need help repairing a vintage Shelter that I discovered in my backyard.” However, his plan was specific to his demands. He only needed the entrance completely renovated.
an entrance to a bomb shelter
Well, he did it! All through the process, he shared updates and once completed, he took to his page and reported that the entrance was finally completed. In his words: “The stairs are complete! Now it\'s easy and safe to climb in and out." Wow! What a story!

How To Make A Wooden Pallet Garden Furniture – Using 45 Wooden Pallets

Creativity! Yes, that’s the word. When you search the web or look around, you’ll find lots of beautiful things you can create with the things around you without necessarily spending a lot of money. One of the things you can get creative with are wooden pallets. I know what you’re thinking, but yes! Beyond keeping you warm on cozy night campfires, wooden pallets can perform more useful tasks. One creative way you can use a wooden pallet and be grateful you did is in renovating your garden.
A beautiful wooden pallet garden
For such a project, you’ll be needing about 45 wooden pallets and...
  • A small roller and tray
  • A paintbrush or sprayer (preferably)
  • Garden furniture chalk paint
  • Electric Drill with screws
  • Cushions
Then, you can transform your garden in just a few hours. Go on to the next page to see how you do it.
Clean and sand all the wooden pallets.
Person working on a wooden pallet
This task is much easier if you have a sanding machine, but if not, you can sand it manually. More so, it’s quite tedious but the end result should be worth the sweat and tears. After that, paint all pallets with your choice of color.
person painting wooden pallets
An automatic paint sprayer makes this task a lot faster. However, I’ll suggest you rent one because the time it takes to create 45 wooden pallets with a paintbrush isn’t really exciting. After you have painted your pallets, leave to dry for 24 hours. Now, it’s time to nail your pallets together. It helps to have a laid-down map of your desired garden design. This should give you an idea of how many pallets you need and where and how to arrange them.
wooden pallet garden in progress
After you are done placing them where needed with nails and wood glue, the final step is decoration. You can decorate your wooden terrace with colorful cushions, pillows, and other decorative elements to achieve the warm and cozy garden you’ve always wanted.
A wooden pallet garden with throw pillows
Who wouldn’t love to relax on a wooden terrace on a cool evening in the summer? I sure would love to. Yes! Now you know that you can make something creative and beautiful with wooden pallets without spending a lot of money. In this DIY age, it helps to discover creative things you can make with the little things around you.

Don’t Travel To These Forbidden Places – You Might As Well Leave These Off Your Bucket List

As the world gets smaller and more connected, travelling has never been easier! It’s tempting to try and see as much of the world while you can and experience everything you can from walking on the Great Wall of China to petting kangaroos in Australia and everything in between.

There are still some places in the world that you can’t visit, and although they might be beautiful there is no point in even trying!

So here are some forbidden places in the world to leave off of your bucket list!

1. North Sentinel Island - India

1.Wyspa North Sentinel, Indie

This is one that’s been in the news recently, as an American missionary named John Allen Chau was killed there late last year.

It’s illegal to travel to the island so that the isolated tribe that live on the island aren’t exposed to foreign diseases that their immune systems can’t fight.

They are an uncontacted, uncivilized tribe who attack invaders with axes and arrows so do your best to steer clear of the island!

2. Lascaux Caves – France

Jaskinia Lascaux, Francja

You used to be able to go into the Lascaux Caves up until 1963, which is when they became closed to the public due to a fungus that was spreading through them.

What’s so special about these caves you ask? Well they’re the site of the oldest and largest cave drawings in the world, dating back around 20,000 years and including a 5.2m long bull.

If you want to see the drawings though then don’t fret! You can visit a purpose-built replica cave near the actual cave that was created to help preserve the magnificent history that is contained in the real thing.

3. Surtsey – Iceland

3.Surtsey u wybrzeży Islandii

An island off the coast of Iceland, Surtsey emerged from an underwater volcanic eruption that lasted 3.5 years.

Scientists are allowed to visit the island to study its ecology, but the general public have never been allowed to set foot on this geographic marvel.

4. Svalbard Global Seed Vault - Norway

4.Światowy Bank Nasion w Svalbard, Norwegia

Halfway between the Norway and the North Pole there is a chain of small islands, and on one of those small islands, inside a mountain is the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

A backup storage facility just in case there’s a worldwide disaster, it contains over a million seeds with the capacity to store over four times that.

You can go and see the entrance the vault, but you can’t actually go inside the vault itself which is 100m inside the mountain.

5. Queiamda Granda – Brazil

5.Queiamda Granda, Brazylia

Usually know by the name “the Island of Snakes”, it’s estimated that there is one snake per square meter of land on the island.

The only place where the Golden Lancehead Viper is found, these snakes are so venomous that they can met human flesh and cause death within an hour.

There are stories of the fate of people around the island, such as a fisherman who was found in a pool of his own blood covered in snake bites, or of a lighthouse keeper and his family who were killed by snakes that came in through the windows. Stay away!

6. Mezhgorye – Russia

Mieżgorie, Rosja

With an estimated population of over 17,000 people, Mezhgorye isn’t closed to everyone, just to outside visitors.

It is a known fact that there is a secret military facility and/or nuclear base at Mezhgorye and the nearby Mount Yamantu, but not much is known apart from that you can’t go there!

7. Heard Island – Australia

Wyspa Heard, Australia

Technically belonging to Australia, Heard Island is actually closer to Madagascar and Australia.

Home to the only to active volcanoes in Australia, if you want to gain entry to this island you have to be part of an expedition that has a compelling scientific reason, something that most of us can’t do!

8. Pravcicka Brana – Czech Republic

Brama Pravčicka, Czechy

The largest natural sandstone arch in the world, tourists used to be allowed on the arch but have since been banned in an effort to reduce erosion.

The arch will eventually collapse, but the Czech government are doing their best to preserve it for as long as possible.

Measuring over 26m wide and 16m high, the arch looks bigger than expected, especially when you’re close to it.

You’re still allowed in the area around the arch, so you can still admire this beautiful piece of nature.

9. Poveglia Island – Italy

Wyspa Poveglia, Włochy

Often called the most haunted island in the world, it’s no wonder that the Italian government don’t want anybody visiting the island.

Originally an island where sufferers of the bubonic plague were sent to be quarantined from the rest of the population and eventually die, it was turned into a mental institution in the early 20th century.

There are stories about the torture and experimentation that occurred on the island during this time. No wonder you can’t visit a place with such a dark and macabre past.

10. Bhangarh Fort - India

Fort Bhangarh, Indie

An interesting entry into the list, you are allowed inside the Bhangarh Fort, but only in daylight hours, such is the myth surrounding the supposed ghosts that live there.

This isn’t just advice though, entering at night is forbidden by law. There is said to be a curse on the fort dating back hundreds of years, and locals say that everyone who has broken this law has never been seen again. Spooky.

11. Diego Garcia – British Overseas Territory

Diego Garcia, Brytyjskie terytorium zamorskie

Looking at this beautiful island from afar you wouldn’t know that it’s a military base, but that’s exactly why you aren’t allowed there.

The local inhabitants of the island were forcibly removed in the early 1970’s and ever since then the only people who live there are some 4000 British and American military personnel.

12. Vatican Secret Archives - Italy

Sekretne Archiwa Watykanu, Włochy

With over 12 centuries worth of documents, some of the items housed in the Vatican Archives are the stuff of legend.

The archives aren’t so much secret as they are private, and although it has become slightly easier to access the archives in recent years, there is still a thorough vetting process that will likely end in disappointment for the average person!

13. Ise Grand Shrine - Japan

Sanktuarium Ise Grand, Japonia

Dating back as far as the third century, this is the most sacred site in Japan. The Grand Shrine itself is actually a complex of over 120 smaller shrines.

You’re allowed into the smaller, external shrines, but the main shrines can only be accessed by the Japanese imperial family, with no exceptions.

14. Spy Museum – China

Muzeum Szpiegostwa, Chiny

Forbidden to international visitors, the Chinese government want to keep the secrets of their communist regime exactly that. Secret.

Anyone with Western features is immediately turned away at the door, not allowed to see the exhibits that supposedly feature things like guns disguised as fountain pens and maps hidden as a deck of cards.

 15. Bohemian Grove – USA

Bohemian Grove, Stany Zjednoczone

A conspiracy theorists dream, the only way to access Bohemian Grove is to be a member, or to be invited by a member.

Both entry methods have a thorough screening process, and it’s reported that every Republican president since the camps initiation have been members, and the plans for the Manhattan Project were even born there!


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