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umbrella sword

Most Dangerous Weapons You Can Legally Own in the US

In some places, and in many developed nations, it is not legal to own various weapons, their illegality mostly based of their degree of...
Woman enjoying the view

The Travel Tips You Never Heard About

Traveling is exciting, sure! But some mistakes can easily dampen your adventure, similarly, applying healthy tips ensure you get the best of your travel...
someone using rebtel app

15 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Must Have

From where to eat, what to eat, where to sleep, where to visit, to festivals, weather, transportation and communication, there’s an app designed for...
great barrier reef diving

Bucket List for Daring Travelers

Different travelers like to do different things. If we all liked the same stuff, then everything would be boring! This is a list for...
The Shamble in York

Travel Here, Not There: Less Crowded Alternatives to Popular Travel Destinations

Everybody loves getting a snap of themselves in front of an iconic world site, whether that be Buckingham Palace, Mount Rushmore, the Trevi Fountain...