20 Awesome Routes – Experience Great Alpine Roads

How best to really digest the map of a country than taking a wonderful road trip. Feed your eyes as well as your stomachs with scenic views, mountain passes, bridges, highways, national parks, and make the mouth-watering food stops. View the entire city and visit exotic places, buildings and 5-star hotels as you travel through. This article compiles 20 great alpine roads that you should take to get the most out of your road trip experience.

1/20. California, U.S.A. – Highway 1 (Big Sur)

California Highway 1 Big Sur
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The Highway 1 is the Californian major ‘State Route 1’ or ‘SR 1’. It is more popularly regarded as an ‘All-American Road’ because it’s built along what is regarded as the most beautiful coastlines in the entire U.S.A. Its alpine roads run north-south of California, U.S.A., along the major and most beautiful parts of the State’s Pacific coastline. It leads and reveals the beautiful Big Sur region.