Don’t Travel To These Forbidden Places – You Might As Well Leave These Off Your Bucket List

As the world gets smaller and more connected, travelling has never been easier! It’s tempting to try and see as much of the world as you can and experience everything you can from walking on the Great Wall of China to petting kangaroos in Australia and everything in between.

There are still some places in the world that you can’t visit, and although they might be beautiful there is no point in even trying!

So here are some forbidden places in the world to leave off of your bucket list!

1. North Sentinel Island – India

1.Wyspa North Sentinel, Indie

This is one that’s been in the news recently, as an American missionary named John Allen Chau was killed there late last year.

It’s illegal to travel to the island so that the isolated tribe that live on the island aren’t exposed to foreign diseases that their immune systems can’t fight.

They are an uncontacted, uncivilized tribe who attack invaders with axes and arrows so do your best to steer clear of the island!