How A Man Transformed Old Vehicle Tires Into Cozy Little Beds For Animals

It’s amazing what you can accomplish with the billions of reusable garbage thrown out every year. Environmentalists would agree that to lessen this number, people need to get creative with their usage of condemned items, instead of letting it pollute the environment.

One creative Brazillian, who is definitely worth all the accolades, Amarildo Silva, 23 years of age, has developed an adorable hobby, with garbage, that is valuable not only to animal health and safety but also to the environment.

Amarildo Silva’s Career

Σωρός Ελαστικών

Amarildo works as a store cashier during the day. However, at night, he unleashes his craftsmanship by collecting condemned and discarded vehicle tires and transforming them into eco-friendly and comfortable beds for animals.

Old tires Collection

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In gathering these tires, his family lends him a hand, and together, they stack up every tire they can find from the streets or the landfills.