Cat With “Tentacles” Of Matted Fur Recovered From The Home Of An Elderly Alzheimer’s Patient

When was the last time you experienced fear of a monster? Most of us can only answer that it was during our childhood. However, this is not the case for Paul Russel.

A kitten

After a seemingly innocuous act of kindness to a distant relative, Paul Russel discovered the most extraordinary thing that had ever happened to him: a monster!

Leaving the house

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Russell and relative

Paul Russel met a distant relative who was 82 years old and suffering from Alzheimer’s. As the disease made it impossible for him to take care of himself, the family decided to relocate him to a closer location. Unfortunately, the elderly gentleman had a pet that he could not take with him. Paul decided to go and retrieve the pet. Paul’s compassion was immense. He wanted to make the transition easier for his relative. Paul helped his relative settle in and enter a nursing home.