Pregnant woman and baby saved by dog

Many pet owners say their pets have a so-called sixth sense. Animals are intuitive and prepared for potential danger. Pets instinctively sense when something is wrong with the human body. He says that he will detect things that you don’t notice and will notify you immediately. This is the true story of an American woman, Alanna Butler, and her dog Keora. Alanna and her fiancĂ©e Ricky were delighted with her pregnancy. But around the fourth month of her pregnancy, her pet dog Keora began to scratch Alanna’s growing belly and start moaning for no reason, and began to behave in some inexplicable way.


Birth of a new family

Alanna and Ricky fell in love and got married the moment they met. One day she received good news from her hospital when she was trying to conceive her child. The two of them had a child after being unable to do so for some time. Before Alanna got pregnant with her baby, she wanted a small dog so she could take care of her future baby and grow up happily together, so they got a very cute puppy, Keora, as a pet.


Keora’s strange behavior

Keora, a normally calm, quiet, friendly, and gentle dog, suddenly started acting like a dog with a completely different personality. At Alanna’s enlarged belly, Keora began moaning and barking for hours on end and scratching Alanna’s large belly. It was as if Keora was trying to show something, like trying to push her nose up into Alanna’s stomach. But at first, Alanna and Ricky couldn’t understand the strange and suspicious behavior of their dog Keora

At this point, they had no way of knowing. Keora was trying hard to tell them something important.

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