Worried about wasps? Thanks to this simple trick, they really stay away!

No more wasps! In beautiful weather, this is a nuisance for many people: wasps coming for your tasty snacks or drinks. Due to the warm and dry weather, our country has an especially high number of wasps. Wasps can be quite annoying, and getting stung by a wasp hurts! Do you always get tense when you see a wasp? Do you always get nervous when you see a wasp? You can find out here how to quickly and easily eliminate wasps.

A wasp was caught on camera attacking and killing a baby bird

Don’t do it anymore

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I'm a pest control expert - here is why you should NEVER kill wasps | The Sun

This makes wasps aggressive. Fortunately, with this smart trick, you will never see them again! Don’t do this! Whether it’s out of love for animals or self-protection, you shouldn’t kill wasps! Because when a wasp dies, it releases a large amount of toxins! When a wasp dies, it releases a certain pheromone that attracts other wasps and makes them very aggressive. Therefore, you are not only responsible for the death of the wasp, but now you are more likely to be stung. You don’t want that! But how do you get rid of annoying wasps?