Found an abandoned car in the forest – was scared for his life when he approached the car!

While walking through the wooded areas around his house, Allan discovered an old abandoned car. But there were fresh footprints around it and she found her daughter’s special doll inside. Then someone came shockingly close to him. Allan lived in Hood River, Oregon, and enjoyed walking for hours in the woods around his home. Picked cherries and watched birds as much as possible. It kept him calm, and even though it was a solo activity, he felt less alone in the woods than at home.

Walking through the forest

Allan a găsit o mașină abandonată într-o zonă de pădure din apropierea casei sale. | Sursa: Shutterstock

But one day, while walking, he came across a new path that led him to an abandoned car in the woods. That was weird. This was by no means a safe area for the road. But the car looked old and damaged. It must have been there for years. He still approached her as he felt curious for some unknown reason. He noticed that there were fresh tracks around it, so maybe someone actually lived in that car.

Discovering the abandoned car

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Near the vehicle were some shoes, clothes and the remains of a fire. “Yeah, someone definitely lives here,” he nodded and looked inside the car for a closer inspection. He was about to leave, go home and call the police. But something caught his attention. Inside the car was a doll. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem. However, this toy was unique.