Cat With “Tentacles” Of Matted Fur Recovered From The Home Of An Elderly Alzheimer’s Patient

No pets allowed

A cat

The problem was that his animal friend, Siam, was not allowed to go to the nursing home because the attendants said pets were not allowed. Siam had no place to go. He could not live with his owner at the nursing home. At 17 years old, Siam was not as agile as he used to be. Paul and his wife Jill decided to help Siam again. They already had two cats, one more would not be a problem. When Paul went to pick up his sick relative’s Siamese cat from the nursing home, he was surprised by the piles of garbage that had been left.

Found it

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A house

It took Paul and Jill a while to find the cat. Since there was no electricity in the house, Paul ran back to his car to grab a flashlight. As he walked back into the shambles, he could see more clearly what the interior of the house looked like. The trash and boxes were stacked to the ceiling and he knew that poor old Siam was hiding in there somewhere. He had tears in his eyes from the dust and the smell of the garbage, and he searched and searched until he found something that took his breath away.

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