Boy washes his hands in the sea – But then something happens that he will never forget.

This unique event occurred during the summer of 2019 when a man saw a giant animal moving in a canal, while he was filming his son.

The father continued recording, and then shared the video on the internet. Shortly after that, the videotape received more than 50 million views. After that, an unimaginable thing happened.


They were vacationing on La Gomera, which is a small island of the Canary Islands, located on the western tip of Africa. This island is widely known for its uncontaminated nature and natural life.

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This little boy named George was playing in the water looking for small fish. However, he did not think that he would then turn his attention to something bigger.

It would be very dangerous to put your hand in water that you have never touched before. Even the city canals in La Gomera have small sharks that can easily bite a human finger.

So, George’s father quickly jumped on him and got him out of the water.

But unfortunately, it’s too late…