Lion Asks Photographer For Help – He Is Shocked To Find Out Why

George was shocked when a lion approached him from behind. He was in the savannah to take some pictures for his documentary. He saw that the lioness was not aggressive towards him, but looked like she needed help. He followed her and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the lion in the distance. He looked very strange. His belly was completely swollen. George immediately called the local vet, who was equally surprised as she had never seen anything like this before. When she had an ultrasound, she immediately called the police.

The ultrasound


The vet called the police who came right away. This lion was in a precarious situation and needed special help from more than just a vet. This lion needed surgery as there was something strange going on in its stomach. When the police finally arrived, they helped the vet sedate the now nearly lifeless giant lion. The police talked with the ranger “Sir, we need you to come with us, it’s important.” George was shocked. What did he do wrong?

Shadowy Figures

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Shadowy Figures

George answered questions about him and the lion. He has been a ranger for several years. It hasn’t been easy lately, many poachers and other shadowy figures have been seen in the sanctuary. It’s been a difficult process for George and the other guards to keep all the animals safe due to the lack of manpower and the constant danger of the savannah. Management wasn’t helping and many poachers took advantage of this situation.