Get Back On The Running Track After An Injury – Here Is How

Getting back on track after missing some trainings can be hard. But what if you have missed more than just a few trainings? Most people say that the golden rule is that you will need 2 weeks of training to regain the loss of one week without it. Let\’s take a look at the key factors to consider when returning to running after an injury.

resting runner

The walk test

Before starting to run again, you should be able to walk around 30-45 minutes painlessly. If you can\’t do that put those running shoes back to the shelf and rest some more. Continuing with the physical therapy and consult with your doctor about restarting. Some cross training can also help your body get back in shape, and will help you reach your former running level later.

How long did you not run?

Was it a minor injury? Less than a week passed? You can return to your regular trainings. If the time period is less than 3 months, then the reduction of mileage can help.

10-15 days – 70% mileage
15-30 days – 60% mileage
30 days to 3 months – 50% mileage
>3 months – start from scratch

If it has been less than 3 months, increase the mileage by 10% on a weekly basis. If it has been more than 3 months try reaching the running length of 30 minutes in the first 3 weeks, then start to work on your speed. It should be a great restart.

Accept your situation

You are not who you used to be. The injury happened, you can\’t continue from your previous form. You have to work with what you have and be patient. Do not try comparing your performance to your former self\’s. It is natural that you will need time to get back on track. Instead enjoy every step you can take, that you can be out in the fresh air, and take good care of your body. Don\’t overdo it.

Listen to the signals of your body

When returning from an injury, not only your form drops back but you age. If it has been years after your last run take in consideration that your body will now need more time to come back. If you feel pain you are doing it too hard, so pay attention and reduce the intensity and mileage of your sessions. Getting injured again would stop you from training for long.

Set a goal, recruit friends

Setting a goal, will help you stay motivated, and will make sure you attend your sessions. It is okay to choose a competition as a goal, but make sure you give yourself enough time to recover. Try working out together with your friends, share your goals with them. Keep them updated about the progress that you are making. This will keep you honest with yourself and motivate you all along the way.


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