Male Celebrities Health Secrets – What They Do And Eat To Stay Fit And Ripped

Most of our male celebrities look so good and fit but, there’s a reason for that. They weren’t born with a six pack. These celebrities work for those muscles daily and it takes dedication to stay healthy, lose fat and to build muscles like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Yes they follow strict diet plans as well as rigorous workout regimens. So when you see male celebrities who never seem to age, there’s an open secret to it.

1. Brad Pitt

brad pitt
W Magazine

If you admire Brad’s hot bod, you should do what he did. Brad currently leads a healthier lifestyle since his divorce. He eats lots of vegetables and lean protein and he has removed alcohol, sugars and processed foods from his diet. He also exercises daily – heavy compound lifts apparently. It’s no wonder he looks so young in his mid-fifties.

2. Michael B Jordan

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Men’s Journal

Michael not only works out as a lifestyle, he works out to properly execute his movie roles. While preparing for the Black Panther movie, he worked out three times daily for 6 times a day. His beastly workout routine includes heavy weighted exercises and boxing in order to gain a whooping 20 pounds of muscle. Water must be his best friend as he consumes a gallon every day in the least. You can’t be lazy if you must gain muscle like Michael. This is because he meal preps. He definitely understands the importance of what a well made balanced meal contributes to his health.