7 Simple Things, That You Can Do To Protect The Environment

We are living in a consumer society. That doesn\’t only mean a higher life standard (traveling more,shopping more, living longer), but also that we are leaving a larger ecological footprint. The base of this society is a model about continuous growth, which is impossible, as earth\’s resources are limited. Moreover, the growing consumption of these resources are leading to other non-resource problems like climate change, and the shortage of drinking water. We are the first generations to realize these problems, so it is our duty to take matters into our own hands. Here are 8 things, that you can easily do for the planet.


Transport wisely

Instead of traveling alone with your car, try car pooling, take a walk, or ride your bike. You can also reduce the CO2 emission of your car if you maintain it regularly. Even the often overlooked factor of having the correct tire pressure can deduct the pollution and save some money for you. Electric cars are also a great step towards a more sustainable future.

Consume wisely

When going shopping make sure you take a bag with you. If you can afford it, choose the environmental friendly version of the different products, e.g. light bulbs. Usually these products have a longer life-span, so it doesn\’t cost that much more after all. Look for the environment conscious manufacturers, and try to repair things before buying new ones. If more people choose the right manufacturers, that will put a pressure on the other ones to become green.

Eating habits

Gentlemen this might sound harsh, but it is time to try reducing the amount of meat in your diet. The production of meat requires more resources than the production of vegetables, and it comes with much greater greenhouse gas emission. The worst news is that the most inefficient meat is everyone\’s favorite, the beef. I am sorry that it had to be me presenting this to you.

Recycle at home

Simply designate 4 different bag for the 4 different of waste that you are regularly put out. Paper, plastic and metal, electric appliances, and one for the mixed waste. Once the bags are full take them to the right places. The paper goes to the blue container, the plastic goes to the yellow container, and the electric, you will have to look up the places that take it.

This might be country specific, but in Hungary you can also collect and recycle used oil selectively. Google it if it\’s available in your country.

Refillable water bottles

If you are living in a country where the tap water is clean, then this option is a must. In many big cities water costs quite a penny, moreover putting the water in plastic bottles generates a lot of waste, while also being very resource dependant. It takes approximately 2 litres of water to package 1 liter of it.

Reduce paper usage

In today\’s world you can find everything digitally. If you really need to print something, use both sides of the paper. In the more advanced countries it is also possible to pay your utility bills online, which is also a great way of reducing paper usage.

Talk about it

Simply talk about these methods and problems to your friends. Raise awareness so more people can start living for a better future.


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