4 Tips For Bulding A Stylish Wardrobe

A lot of men tend to say, that they are not looking good, only because they don\’t have an eye for fashion. In my opinion the cause is that they don\’t really want to look good. Having a decent wardrobe depends on you. With these simple tricks and some dedication, you will surely be able to get stylish.


Fake it till you make it

You don\’t have to create your own style right away. Think of some celebrities that you think look good, and start buying the basic components for that look. Remember to start with something plain. Logos can look cool, but it is hard to pair them with other pieces. Once you have the basic clothes for the preferred look, you can slowly add yourself to the formula.

Neutral colors

When creating your new wardrobe, you should focus on collecting pieces with neutral colors. They easily mix with each other, so they can help you through the time while you only have a small amount of clothes from the given style. These colors are: black, white, beige, brown, blue and gray.

Quality over quantity

Always go for the quality, the neutral colors can help you with the quantity.You should always look for the best quality that you can afford. Especially if you are collecting the basic components. You might find another black leather jacket for half the price in the other store, but how long would it last? How often would you need to replace the zippers on the cheaper one? You might enjoy the good deal you made for weeks, but you will have to wear that jacket for years.

It needs to fit

Now that we have agreed, that we should go for the quality products, let\’s not fall in the trap of wasting our money on clothes that don\’t fit. Even if the suit, trouser, etc. looks extremely well, and it is just your type, if it doesn\’t fit you perfectly, you should leave it. You will never feel 100% confident in a clothes, that doesn\’t fit, and confidence is a big factor in looking good.


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