Best tips on how to move to Canada

1. Know your visa type

There are a quite a few varieties of Visas that are offered by Canada for immigration and it is important that you know which category you belong to. Each category has its own requirements and conditions. By using their immigration website, you can fill a questionnaire and find out what visa is best suited for you. You should also know that Canada offers an express entry visa (a quick way to enter Canada if you have the skills and requirements), a Business Start-up visa, family or spouse sponsored visa, refugee visa and self-employment visa among others.

2. Express entry

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Express entry is a great and quick way to get entry to Canada. By going to the immigration website and filling in your skills, language, and work details, you can find out if you are eligible for an express entry visa which takes much less time and effort than the other types. But if you are not, then do not fret as there are other ways that one can apply for a visa and move to Canada