7 Domestic Uses Of Coffe Grounds You Didn’t Know About

Oftentimes, coffee grounds are rendered and considered wastes and as such would usually be thrown away with zero remorse after enjoying a cup of coffee. I bet you didn’t know that there are other things coffee grounds do other than make a strong cup of coffee. Stick with us while you take you through everyday household chores coffee grounds excel at.

Ground coffee

Funny smells
Although not a common knowledge, naturally coffee tends to neutralize unpleasant and irritable smells and odors. Smells such as strong garlic or onion smell from storage containers, the fridge and even odors from the mouth. With practically no stress, just suck on a coffee bean to remove such smells.

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Treat puffy eyes
Most mornings, irrespective of how many cups of coffee you take, you’d realize although not sleepy, you’d look really sleepy. Now, there are quite a number of tricks to get rid of dark circles. The caffeine in coffee explains the mystery of its effective use since it helps to improve blood circulation. All you’d have to do is mix some of the coffee grounds with water or olive oil, then carefully apply the mix around the eye, leave on for about fifteen minutes and wash off. In no time, you’re awake and you’d look awake.

Repel insects
Apparently, insects, especially ants and fleas are no fans of coffee. This in fact, makes the drink quite useful. Just position a cup of coffee grounds in strategic places to repel the insects. The coffee grounds can also be used as a kind of candle lighting to repel mosquitoes, especially during summer although you would need to be careful with the fire.