Woman Wears Her Mother’s Necklace For 25 Years – Then She Finds Something Inside

Anna was disoriented and on the ground. Still a little dizzy and confused about what had happened, Anna tried to get up from the sidewalk. Many people rushed to her aid and helped her. “What just happened?” Anna wondered. She looked behind her and quickly put everything together. A car had stopped behind her. She must have swirled on her bike to avoid it and as a result she fell. Fortunately, nothing seems to be broken.

Woke up on the ground

An abandoned road

On the ground was her mother’s old necklace. The large pendant is crushed. Tears began to flow, but then she noticed something between the pieces on the ground. Did her mother put anything in the necklace for her? Anna had a lot of questions, but to better understand the significance of the discovery, she may need some background information.