18 Of The Most Beautiful Epic Tourist Locations In China

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Often times while choosing tourist locations for vacations, we think it’s possible to travel the world in one lifetime. However, not only is it impossible but visiting China just once is not enough to soak in all the culture. Incase you didn’t know, China marks for large land mass, massive population, rich history and intriguing culture. Oh! You simply cannot get enough. More so, in terms of beauty, don’t worry, your camera would go off and you won’t have even begun taking pictures of the beautiful historical structures. Because there’s a lot of places of places to visit, we’ve decided to help narrow it down to a cheap 18 so you can have a head start. Therefore, without further ado, let’s jump in to see the most beautiful epic tourist locations in China.

1/18. The forbidden city

The forbidden city
the Beijinger

Let’s take a look into Beijing – the capital of China. Right at the heart of this capital is one of the most epic tourist locations in China called the ‘forbidden city’. It’s a beautiful ancient palace complex that you can’t miss. More so, it’s about 180 acres of premium real estate and has now become the home of the finest artifacts and collections of the Chinese history.

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