The Man’s Best Friend: WD-40

WD-40 is a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. It has a vast use in every home. From cleaning to lubrication, down to cleaning of glass and so on. For most people who think WD-40 is only used by handymen and technicians this list can be surprising. Here are some simple ways WD-40 can work-out for you both in your home and workplace. Let’s take a look at the diverse usage of this magical instrument.

1/20 Shoe Cleaning

shoe cleaning with wd40

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WD-40 is a friendly penetrating oil, which makes it wonderful for shoes such as sneakers and Italian leather shoes. Stubborn spots and thick dirt can be removed with so much ease by just applying WD-40 to the surface with the spot or dirt and mop the stain off with a soft cloth, thereby maintaining and enhancing the look of the entire surface.

2/20 Protecting Bird-feeders

For those people who are loving the birds flying around in their neighbourhood, WD-40 can be a lifesaver. Various animals, such as squirrels, often sneak onto the bird feeder to steal the food from the birds. Fear nothing, simply by spray down some WD-40 on the centre pole of the bird feeder and consider the problem solved.