60 Seasoned Celebrities Who Are Still Alive And Well Today.

You probably saw some cute babies and wished they never grew older. Well, we also prayed some Hollywood actors and other successful celebrities never left our screens, P.S. they were that good, and we enjoyed every bit of their talent and glamorous lifestyle. But reality check, nothing lasts forever, and we miss them dearly.

I bet we’re already making you nostalgic and remembering some of your favorite tv shows that are no longer in production. Well, it’s time to open the books while taking a trip down memory lane and also see what our favorite actors have been up to. Are they dead or alive? Are they still acting on the screen or just staging plays? Or are they now musicians or chefs?…lol…We’re about to find out.


Dick Van Dyke

We experienced this multi-talented star in all his glory. Richard Wayne “Dick” Van Dyke is a well-known actor, singer, screenwriter, producer, and stand-up comedian. Dick has played diverse roles in numerous huge films, T.V. sitcoms, musicals, and dramas, and as a result, he has recorded and achieved great success in the course of his career. Till today, he still has some iconic, one-of-a-kind movies to his works as a producer, and a couple includes Bye bye birdie and Mary Poppins.

Richard spent almost 70 years on the screen, and so we’re not at all surprised at how far he got or how much he is still recognized. He didn’t retire without leaving a legacy as his family tree also has branches that bore fruits in the industry and produced a couple of celebrities. He is Jerry Van Dyke’s older brother and Barry Van Dyke’s father. Dick played in several iconic films, including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. In 2013, he also got the highest honor bestowed by the Screen Actors Guild, the SAG Life Achievement Award, among many other awards, including five Emmys, a Tony, and a Grammy.


Henry Kissinger

Of course, this Nobel Prize winner will be second on our list. Henry was quite the celebrity, but he didn’t get this from being a Hollywood star. As an American diplomat and a political scientist who has worked for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford, these were stepping stones for his career. However, he didn’t have the best childhood or adolescence. Henry grew up in Germany as a Jew, and in 1938 he had to flee the country to save his life. Even though many people do not believe his contribution was successful, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the Vietnam War discussions.

Although he had a controversial political career, he showed everyone that he had had a significant impact on international affairs. He continues to encourage and inspire a large number of individuals who also want to. His net worth is $20 million. Thus he must have a strong finance manager.