4 Ways Sleeping in a Cold Room Benefits Your Health

3. Long, sound, and deep sleep

Man sleeping

Having trouble sleeping or diagnosed with insomnia? It’s because patients with insomnia have higher body temperatures. No. 1 above, along with a study done by the University of South Australia shows that sleeping in colder temperatures goes a long way in solving insomnia by lowering your body temperature, causing you to sleep like a baby.

4. Stress relief

lady sleeping on a bed beside a flower vase
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In addition to the above, sleeping in cold temperatures rids the body of stress by reducing stress hormones. This is attributed to the dip in body temperature. Stress is not good for your metabolism and weight loss (for those trying to lose weight). That’s why you hear fitness professionals prioritize sleep as an essential ingredient for weight loss, weight gain, and/or general fitness. Imagine burning calories or building muscle in your sleep.

How has sleeping in cold temperatures helped your overall health? Let’s hear them in the comment section below.