4 Ways Sleeping in a Cold Room Benefits Your Health

With the cold weather already at hand, a lot of people are already setting their bedrooms to a cozy, warm temperature. While it’s okay to avoid freezing to death, a little cold may not be too bad. Science has finally proven that sleeping in colder temperatures is quite beneficial for your health. Some ways include; falling asleep easily and faster, reducing the risk of metabolic illness, long, sound, and deep sleep, and relieving stress. Let’s get into these in detail.

1. Falling asleep easier and faster

Woman sleeping on a bed
The Sleep Council

A Harvard Medical School research shows that, right before bedtime, your body temperature begins to drop. And, while you sleep, your body conserves energy by dropping your core temperature by 1 to 2°F. Sleeping in a colder room speeds up this process, enabling you to fall asleep easily and quickly.

2. Improving your metabolism

Woman sleeping

It has been scientifically proven (according to the US National Institutes of Health) that sleeping in colder temperatures improves insulin sensitivity, increases metabolism, and the good kind of fat (brown fat), all of which improve your body’s metabolism and decreases your risk of metabolic illness.