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How To Look More Attractive To Women – According To Studies


Dealing with women can be frustrating for men. You might think that you are not attractive enough to approach women but have no fear. You don\’t have to be ridiculously handsome to capture a girl\’s attention. As an old Hungarian proverb says “A man has to look just a bit better than the devil”. If you still think that you are not qualified in the league of the one in your life there are many science backed solutions, that will surely help. Lets go through these in the following two situations:

Situation 1

You are walking on the street wearing the T-shirt that you bought 3 years ago when you ran out of them. After chilling the whole morning you are heading to the shop to buy some food. You are thinking that you could have done something in the morning. Just before entering the market you see a pretty  girl checking you out so you decide to walk up to her with the following line: Is that a mirror in your pocket, because I can see myself in your pants – and put on a wide smile immediately.

unconfident man in the mirror

Situation 2

You are walking down the street with your English Bulldog. You are wearing sunglasses and the nice outfit that you have bought in the previous months. In the morning you did something useful – for example going to the gym – and now you\’re wearing the cologne you like the most. Just before entering the market you see a pretty  girl checking you out. You walk up to her, introduce yourself, start a conversation, and maybe even crack a joke if the situation evolves so. In the meantime you also flash a slow smile.

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man in sunglasses talking to 2 girls

So what is the difference between the situations mentioned above? In which one will the girl find you more attractive? In the second one of course!


Now let\’s go through the main components that actually make the difference:

  • Outfit – A good looking outfit can really boost your chances. In the other hand if you are wearing old, used clothing, you will appear unremarkable and scruffy. Another useful part of your outfit can be your  sunglasses. According to Vanessa Brown from Nottingham Trent University people are more attracted to symmetric faces and sunglasses can help your face look more symmetric. The same applies to beards.
  • Cologne – According to the International journal of cosmetic science wearing a cologne will not only make you smell bombastic, but will also make you feel more confident. And that is the key. When a group of women were shown a silent footage of men wearing and not wearing cologne, the women rated the before mentioned more sexy
  • Body Language – In the first situation the man didn\’t do anything useful that day and was not proud of that. His walk was not confident, his chins were down. Regarding to a study of the University of British Columbia the emotion of pride is more attractive to women than happiness. A chin held upwards not only suggests pride, but also exposes the chin.  A strong chin or a well defined cheekbone can seem really sexy for women because they suggest genetic strength.
  • Pickup Line –  SUNY of New Paltz has conducted a research regarding pickup lines and the were found to have a negative effect on being attractive in the eye of women.
  • Smile – In the first situation there was an instant smile after a weak and nasty pickup line while at the second situation it was a slow smile. According to the Journal of Nonverbal Behavior a slower smile raises more trust which can suggest that your intentions are more genuine
  • DOG – Well even without a scientifical backing this would be obvious. Women like guys with dogs. A study conducted by Petsies suggests that men with dogs can appear up to 24% more attractive.
    man with a dog


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