16 Foods That Do Not Belong In The Refrigerator

Whenever we think preservation, we think about the refrigerator. However, not all foods are meant for the fridge. Some are meant for the shelves only. In this article, we’ll examine what foods they are. You’d be surprised to find out that you’ve most likely been wrong about the way you’ve been storing some of your foods.



Many times when you buy Avocados, they are not fully ripe. In order to ripen them, you should store them at room temperature and not in the fridge. Refrigeration is only necessary if they’re already ripened and you’re not ready to eat them. This is because, as soon as they are put in the refrigerator, they immediately stop ripening. It takes between two to four days to ripen so leave them on the counter preferably. After they’re ripe, the fridge can preserve them for up to 7 days.


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Onions do not belong in the refrigerator at all – whether cut or uncut. Onions need air to stay dry and fresh. They should be stored in the pantry or on the counter. Moisture and gas are not good for Onions. It will speed up their aging process and quickly cause them to go bad. After they are cut, they may last for a few hours before going bad. However, they shouldn’t be kept in the fridge or they will soak up the fridge moisture and lose their entire flavor.