Enemies at Your Table: Deadliest Foods


A can of redbull

You’re tired and you still have to face a physical or mental stress, so what a better friend than an energy drink to overcome the effort? Energy drinks are useful if used with awareness of the risks of drinking them. Most contain “energy blends” such as caffeine, taurine, guarana, B vitamins and glucuronolactone in quantities that may not be safe in multiple-drink quantities. The combination of these additives is harmful if taken in high-doses, with effects that resemble the ones from several other illegal drugs, smoking and alcohol consumption.


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Fruit juices

Even when labelled as 100% fruit origin, fruit juices aren’t as healthy as advertising lets you think. After squeezing the fruit, food and beverage manufacturers usually store the juice in massive oxygen-depleted holding tanks for up to a year before they package it. This process leaves the juice almost flavor-free. So, where does the flavor come from when we taste our beloved “natural” drinks? Well, flavor packs added in a second step are what make the taste. 

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