A ház, amit 6 óra alatt fel lehet építeni

For those who love personalizing their belongings, the MADi is the best bungalow you can have built to your taste.

The inside view of the MADi

The feeling of home will never be found wanting no matter where you are as you can easily take your house with you on vacation if need be.

a dining area with table and chairs inside the MADi

The good news is that this beautiful cottage comes in various sizes that can be ordered at an affordable price. A small house costs around € 27,000, while you can get a large family house for around € 61,000.

Mindemellett a ház rettentően környezetbarát, és eléggé ellenálló. És ez nem minden. Felszerelhető LED világítással, napelemekkel, és szürke víz újrahasznosító rendszerrel is.

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