15 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Must Have

7/15. Dayuse

picture of a room reserved by day-use
Hotel Concorde Fiera

In between flights and unplanned delays from activities or events, you may need a place to perch for just a few hours without paying the full rate of a whole night’s stay. But do you really want to be in your taxi, going from hotel to hotel, asking if they offer such services and rates, if they apply? That’s the role of this Dayuse app, so unleash your smartphone to save yourself some, money, time and stress. Dayuse will give you information on what hotels offer these kinds of deals that enable you to check in now and leave an hour later or when you please without a paying a whole night’s rate. You will be able to find a few and compare rates based on proximity or whatever reason you may have. Bottom line is – I recommend this app as a must-have among travel apps.