15 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Must Have

13/15. Time Out

time out app interface
Freelance UI / UX Designer London | Graham Todman

Where to go, where to go? The big bugging question when visiting a new city, especially if it’s an enormous city with lots of confusing options. Obviously you’re not there to stay, you just want to have some fun and leave so you need quick decisions on the best places. Time out will plan your local movements for you, taking you to the best places to experience the life and culture of that particular city. They provide a comprehensive list of awesome restaurants, bars, as well events, activities and other must-go places. If you didn’t have a social life, time out will make a very exciting one for you and in no time you’ll feel like you’ve lived there all your life. Although it’s the best among local experience travel apps, unfortunately, only a few cities have access to this service. But no worries – they’re adding new cities with each passing moment.