15 Essential Travel Apps Every Traveler Must Have

12/15. Google photos

google photos logo and app interface
Android Police

What did I say about Google? Best travel apps? Well, here they are again with what I like to call ‘photo management 2.0’. Although I have to admit, it’s kind of creepy, how can a computer program select the best photos from the all the many I took? And what’s creepier? I agree that their choices are the best. Anyway, it still saves some stress in a way and yes, it is the best tool for keeping all your travel memories alive. It’ll organize all your photos, select the good ones and will even make a video slide out of them for you. It’ll properly organize them in folders and won’t get rid of any including the ones not selected. What’s more? – They’re all (automatically) in cloud storage so good news for your phone storage.