Les meilleures astuces de décoration pratiques que tout le monde devrait connaître

3/20. Kitchen-inspired flower vases


Some old furniture or utensil can be assigned a new purpose. I’ll show you some home decor hacks for things like your kitchenware for example. If you have an old teapot, an old glass jug or silver pot, turn them into flower vases. Furthermore, you can have multiple flower vases – no crime in that. This way, every turn in your house is decorated with nature.

4/20. Ruban Washi et ses innombrables possibilités

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washi tape
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The possibilities of washi tape are endless. More so, there could never be a complete list of home decor hacks without the inclusion of washi tape. Washi tape works for almost everything such as – decorating your walls, embellishing furnitures and tableware, beautifying your frames, lampshades, flower vases – the list is endless. Just go buy some – they’re cheap!