Grandchild finds an old bag and uses it to solve his Grandma’s secret

Sean was a regular 11-year-old. He loved to ride his bike and throw some hoops. The summer his Nana died, his family went to the farm for the funeral. As it was with funerals, the mood was sober and everyone talked in hush tones. It was an intimate ceremony and everyone said their goodbyes to their sweet Nana. Nana Jules had been bedridden before her death. His mother had flown into the town to see her just 2 weeks before she passed on. She was frail. It hurt her so much to see her once agile mother in such a pitiful state.

A model citizen

Nana Jules

She was a model citizen who had lived till 75 and everyone loved her. She cared for the town folks like she was their Nana so her death cast a dark cloud on the town. Everyone talked about her nice she was and how much she’ll be missed. The family didn’t have to think about cooking in the period leading up to the funeral as their farmhouse didn’t lack sympathizers coming with bowls of food, baskets of fruits, and drinks. If it wasn’t such a sad occasion, Sean would have called it a vacation.