An Employee Insulted A Customer, But She Was Only Apologetic When She Saw Him The Day After

Between a customer honored by the law, a rude attendant, more gossiping customers, and another moral employee, in this captivating story, we follow the guys at Fat Joe, their delicious grills and business controversies that led to exploding comment sections all over social media.

An outlandish exchange

At some point, we wished that she just shared a smile and gave the big guy his lunch. But our sassy attendant had to meet his gaze with a growly face and unreasonable questions, and now there’s such a situation to deal with. The ‘Fat Joe’s’ asked for more, just like Oliver Twist, as if one wasn’t enough.


When Plans Are Changed

Like most veterans who have worked round the clock to keep law and order, they deserve to enjoy a good break, and Collins Rickler was well on his way to enjoy his vacation, which was, of course, sponsored by the Veteran Affairs Department. Collins was pumped to go on this break and enjoy it finally, and he has carefully packed his bag and planned his schedule and activities for his vacation. His plan for day one included eating out, taking a tour of the city, and coming back home with a chilled drink, but we hate to see that this plan went straight into the mud.