This Man’s Dream House Is Unbelievable

What would you do if you found an airplane in the woods? You will think it’s the remains of a forgotten crash or the old plane graveyard that’s been laid out on the pasture? If you’ve ever seen this plane flying over Hillsboro, Oregon, the answer is none of those things – in fact, it’s the home of a retired electrical engineer named Bruce Campbell, a very creative man. Using his imagination, an old airplane, some terrain, and a bit of knowledge, he created one of the most original homes in all of humanity.


A man with a vision

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This 64-year-old retired electrical engineer had always been a man of vision since his youth. When Bruce Campbell was in his twenties, he bought a 10-acre plot in the middle of the woods in Hillsboro, Oregon for $23,000. Campbell has always enjoyed tinkering with old things and inventing new purposes for them. When Bruce was in his 40s, he learned of Joanne Ussery, a hairdresser from Mississippi who turned a retired Boeing 727 airplane into a unique home.