Do You Know Why Cats Act This Way?

Cats aren’t less adorable compared to dogs who enjoy a higher preference from potential pet owners during pet selection. They are solitary, multifaceted, and often seem more mature than their owners.

A cat

Listed below are 20 commonly observed cat gestures necessary for a better pet relationship. Many pet owners often misinterpret these signals even though they think they understand them. An understanding of these gestures has been accumulated through continuous observation, study, and even experiences of pet owners, vets, and animal behaviourists.

Belly exposure

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Exposed belly

As natural predators, cats don’t entertain the action of casually exposing their vital/weak spots to others. They often get stimulated and aggressive when one pat’s or rubs their exposed belly. So why do they bare their belly? Cats often show us their bellies to express their trust. That is to say that they are comfortable and don’t feel threatened. According to a behaviourist, hair follicles on their bellies are hypersensitive to touch, therefore they may get irritated when they get too many belly pats.


A cat

Although their paw might not feel pleasant, many aren’t aware that cats do this on their owner’s body as a gesture of love and care. When tired, they also do this to pacify themselves.

Cats often knead while on their owner to show satisfaction and also create a serene environment when stressed.