A Woman Found A Tied Dog In The Forest – It Had Some Kind Of Number On It….

There was a movement through the branches of the trees. At first Emma thought it was some wild beast, and she was scared. She has never met wild animals during walks in the forest. But then curiosity overcame her, and she slowly, step by step, approached the mysterious object. She walked in the branches a little to see better. Pushing back the last branch, she was stunned. A dog was tied to a tree on a leash…


The golden retriever sat on a leash under a tree and looked around. He didn’t bark, didn’t whine, and generally looked calm, as if everything should be so. Emma looked around, but saw no one. She came closer to the dog, and the dog also noticed her. The dog got up to approach Emma, ​​but the leash prevented him. “What are you doing here?” Emma asked the dog. “Where is your master?” She decided to pet the dog, and at that moment found another detail…

On the dog’s neck hung a medallion with a number. Maybe it’s the master’s phone number? She picked up the locket and examined it carefully. The dog was not afraid of her and in general, it seems, was in a good mood. He sat down next to Emma and wagged her tail merrily. Emma looked around again: still no one. Then she turned the medallion upside down – there was the number “31”. What does all this mean?

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