The diver finds the old camera during the holidays – without the recorded material no one would believe him



The team intended to study all kinds of starfish. They hoped to be able to take some specimens with them to study their behavior. But when they reached the bottom, something caught the attention of one diver. At first he had no idea what the object was. When he and his partner approached the object, they saw that it was a camera. At the time, they had no idea what they had discovered.

The divers

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Beau and Tanja

Beau (left) and Tanja (right) were members of a diving team who noticed something strange on the seabed. Beau spotted the camera first. When he pointed to it, Tanja knew immediately that the “strange angular object” could not be part of the seabed. They both wanted to keep the ocean clean, and its bottom was not a place for a camera. They noticed that the device was covered with coral and that different species of fish were swimming around it. They took it out of the sand and continued diving with the other team members. But Beau could only think of one thing now

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