The diver finds the old camera during the holidays – without the recorded material no one would believe him

During his summer vacation, a 28-year-old diver found an old camera at the bottom of the ocean. It was evident by the model and the amount of algae that covered it that it must have been there for quite a few years. He took the camera out of the water to check if there was still a memory card in it. To his amazement, the card was still there.

However, when he saw the photos on it, he called the local newspaper



On the morning of May 13, 2019, a team of divers from a coastal city in Canada was getting ready for a diving trip. Their motivation was to explore Canada’s coastal waters. In addition to swimming in the ocean, they were also interested in sea creatures. So they planned to both dive and take notes of all the sea creatures they would encounter.

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A coastal town

But on that day, the goal soon changed. They had no idea what adventure the abyss of the ocean was preparing for them.