They left a dog in the lion cage – what happened next shocked everyone

Most often, we say that humans are dogs’ best friends, but how about other animals? Can dogs form connections and build friendships with other animals that are not their kind? Maybe, maybe not. What happened in this cage with a dog and a lion locked inside was totally unexpected.


After tigers, lions are the second largest members of the feline family, and Savannah is a lion that has grown enough to terrify any animal in the jungle and secure prey for himself. He is an adult lion that weighs about 226 kilos. To be bold and courageous was an understatement about what visitors at the zoo thought about the dog found in a face-off with him inside the cage. Of course, they all had their expectations, and it simply was that Savannah would think this was his lunch and shred it into pieces but who would enjoy this sight? No one.


Let’s take a brief look into the average everyday life of a ‘king of the jungle.’ Females of this species carry out the hunt, whose males often weigh more than 200 kilograms. To catch larger prey, they live in groups. Males serve as guardians and are in charge of everything to keep the herd safe.

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