This cat brings money home every day until the day the police show up at the door

A letter and the police visit

Cindy opened the letter and read it. Suffice to say that the content shocked her. But she was not at the end of her surprises. Within hours of the letter opening, the police showed up at his door. Why were the police there? There were so many questions about this cat, what an intriguing animal! To better understand the outcome of this story, there are certain details that it is necessary to know…

A letter and the police visit

Meet Cindy

Cindy is a twenty-five-year-old woman who lived alone in the suburbs, in a beautiful neighbourhood. She felt like she had reached a certain stage in her life, that she was fulfilled, and it was a pleasant feeling. She had a stable job and finished paying for her house. However, her life was very quiet and her daily life was very quiet, even putting on television or music she felt lonely. He lacked the company of others.

Cindy’s last two relationships hadn’t gone well. After doing some research on pets to find out which ones would be the best companions for her, she decided she was going to go to the shelter and adopt a cat. She got into her car and went to the shelter. She was certainly not prepared to be surprised as she was…

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Relationship problems

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