What happens if you wrap a slice of bread on your feet?! Will you try?

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Wrapping bread on your feet? Don’t decide until you try!

Summer is at our door again in all its glory, so we go out together to enjoy the beautiful weather. Whether you go for a long and beautiful walk or relax in a park or beach; We’re always out in the summer. We love to reopen our summer wardrobe and walk around for days wearing sandals and slippers. So, are your feet ready for summer?

Are your feet ready for summer?


When it’s hot outside, it’s nice to wear light, airy clothes like summer dresses or shorts and T-shirts. Our feet also like to enjoy the sunshine, but if your feet are not really ready to be shown to the world, wearing a pair of sandals can feel very difficult. Since our feet have been closed in socks and shoes all winter long, they are not exactly beautiful in these cold and dark months. Calluses can look quite ugly and not only look terrible, but they also hurt a lot!

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Fortunately, a slice of bread can offer a solution to this problem. Go to the next page to continue reading!

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