Found an abandoned car in the forest – was scared for his life when he approached the car!

Discovering the fresh traces

Padurea Hoia - Baciu sau Triunghiul Bermudelor din Cluj

It wasn’t from a store, and only one person in the world could have it: Susan’s daughter. It was her doll. His ex-wife, Laura, had made it especially for their daughter. She even had a tag with Susan’s name and address in case she lost it because their little girl liked to take it with her everywhere. “But why is he here?” Allan asked in complete shock. Allan hadn’t heard from his wife or daughter in months.

The daughter’s special doll

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Păpușa fiicei lui era specială. Nu putea aparține nimănui altcuiva. | Sursa: Pexels

Their divorce was not pretty, and Laura was awarded full custody of their child. Allan didn’t want to hurt his child by fighting for more visitation and taking her mother to court, so he accepted and tried to move on with his life, knowing that Laura was at least a great mother. They lived in Seattle so it was a bit far from them. Laura kept their house and they were supposed to live happily there. But did someone steal her daughter’s doll? What happened?

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