With this simple trick you will never have flies in your house again!



Fortunately, the solution is very simple, we have a simple trick and you probably already have it in your house: it is cloves. Flies hate the smell of cloves. When there is the smell of cloves in the house, flies don’t know how to turn around quickly! Below you can see how to drive away those annoying flies with the help of cloves, and keep these annoying little creatures out!

How it works

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Put some cloves in a bowl of water, or insert some cloves into an apple, or even better: put it in a lemon. This way, you can also immediately solve the mosquito problem in the house. Cut the apple or lemon in half, then stuff in cloves. This trick works very well, but make sure the fruit can rot quickly and need to be replaced in time. A bowl of water with cloves or some cloves in a candle are also very effective! You will find: over time, you will find your body is getting better and better! You will immediately notice: within a few minutes, there will be no flies! You will find this!