Man Hears Strange Noises In His House, You Can’t Believe What He Found

Glover had never witnessed such a thing. He took his time and checked every corner of the house.

The Kitchen! Yes, the kitchen. Something was not right in the kitchen.

One step at a time, Glover looked over every nook and cranny of the kitchen. The walls were made of bricks and as solid as it can get. But, Glover stood by his gut! He knew that something was amiss.

There must be insects breeding in this house, right inside this kitchen,” said Glover.

Using an infrared camera, Glover was able to find out what was inside the wall and it was huge.

infrared view of the brick wall

After seeing such a large area detected by the infrared scanner, Glover decided to remove the bricks from the wall. He needed to see what was behind those walls.

wall with strange noises

When one brick came out, you wouldn’t believe what Glover found.

Bees! It was a whole hive. The noise from the walls had been bees all the while, a lot of it.
What was Glover\’s advice? Only one thing was left to be done. The wall had to be removed. Go on to see how they got rid of these bees.